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Foster Youth Hawaii Trip!
December 3, 2016
Foster Youth Hawaii Trip! 550 uploads/ryan-brolliar-website-44980.jpg

Wow. What trip. My heart melted as I thought my main goal was to play music for this amazing Non-Profit "Urban Surf 4 Kids". Little did I know I they would inspire me as they did. From fishing (and catching an 85 lb marlin) to eating dinner with Kelly Slater, Bruce Arians, and Sunny Garcia.... this trip never had a dull moment. Never again will I get to experience something quite like this. (Unless of course they invite me again ;) Thank Urban Surf OHANA!! (FAMILY) ...

Urban Surf 4 Kids Surf-A-Thon!!
October 1, 2016
Urban Surf 4 Kids Surf-A-Thon!!539 uploads/Urban Surfathon.jpg

What an amazing idea. Urban Surf 4 Kids is an organization designed to empower underprivileged youth through surfing and charity work in their communities. It's been an honor to be a part, being able to play music for them as well as partake in their events! Above is a picture of Finn and Dash Casey, two young boys who decided two give their hard-earned allowance and money they had raised back to the organization - every wave they caught in the ocean and stood up on gave even more money to the cause!! Thanks Casey family! And thank you Urban Surf 4 Kids for all you do! :) ...

What a musical weekend!
September 16, 2016
What a musical weekend! 550 uploads/ryan-brolliar-website-78872.jpg

Jess's Bday party, playing piano with and for visiting families at the oldest known hotel in historic downtown San Diego - The Horton Grand Hotel, dancing and singing with the "Usual Suspects" at the intimate (crazy) Wine Pub, country music and drinking good times at Eastbound Bar & Grill, and ending the weekend playing music at QUALCOMM STADIUM for the San Diego Chargers.. Quite the weekend of music! :) ...